• Under the Roman Sun

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    Secret Keyhole

    Marino Laziale

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  • Artistic Rome

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    St. Peter

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    Sistine Chapel

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    Palatine Hill

    Roman Forum

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under the roman sun

Tour Under the roman sun

Voted the number one walking tour in Rome by About.com a former New York Times company. Join us on a truly memorable one day trip which blends the must see historical sights, the less know ones and a native experience.

Walk in the footsteps as a local absorbing this rich culture. Meet the families, taste and savour the cuisine, learn the history and put a smile on your face while doing it. This tour is second to none and we personally guarantee it will be a treat and a surprise for all who wish to immerse themselves into A REAL ROMAN  EXPERIENCE.

how it works

  • You select an Italy Tour Package;
  • We pair your group with a fun buddy;
  • We connect you directly to the most interesting sights;
  • We showcase access to authentic Roman restaurants;
  • You leave Rome, after a wonderous Rome vacation;

We at Eddie's Fun are direct tour suppliers, however we also work with other affiliate tour agencies. Some of our tours are farmed out with our affiliate companies. There are many factors we consider when accepting an affiliate and only the top companies make our cut!


experience rome like a local

Your fun buddy (tour guide) is a native of another country that lives in Rome and will be your tour guide that facilitates excitement while offering cultural comparisons throughout.

  • picture of Jobe

    From Philadelphia USA to Rome Italy, was my ticket 18 years ago. I graduated from Temple University with a masters degree in art and history.

  • picture of Joanna

    Hello I'm Joanna...Other than being Eddie's executive assistant, I have found time to also study law at Tor Vergata University. I have a strong

  • picture of Nina

    I am a happy and energetic finnish-swedish woman who likes to take it easy and enjoy the simple things in life. I love Rome because not only

  • picture of Mateja

    Well, they say "all roads lead to Rome"... What brought me to Rome? First of all, LOVE and second passion for the Italian cousine. What I enjoy

  • picture of Jim

    I like to travel, particularly to the desert, any desert. I have two degrees from Harvard University in Art/History. I also taught fifth grade

  • picture of James

    I came to Rome from England, directly after receiving my first class degree from Exeter University in literature. Rome's magic kept me here

  • picture of Damon

    Hello there...I am Damon from Sweden. I'm not big on writing about myself unless its a dating service, so I will keep it short and sweet Haha...

  • picture of Sasha

    I was born in Israel, lived in California, and now Rome. Yep, I love the sun so lets enjoy Rome's mediterrainian weather! I work in sales with

a couple of tips

Arriving from Airport FCO/CIA?

From FCO the cost is 14 Euro’s and the train travels non stop for 30 minutes to Termini station which is the center of Rome From CIA there is a public shuttle bus that cost 3 Euros and this bus takes you to Ciampino

Do you really need a taxi?

Public taxis from the airport are set prices. FCO is 48 Euros, and CIA is 30 Euros. Taxis are very expensive in Rome. When calling a taxi, the meter starts immediately from the current location of the closest driver

Public Transportation in Rome

Friday and Saturday. Trams run regularly everyday from 5:30am to midnight. An important thing thing to remember is to buy your tickets before entering all sources of public transportation

Customer Service is not a focus

Customer Service is not a focus, but the food is. The food may arrive slow or not all plates at the same time, but when it arrives it has been considered by many the best in the world!

Health and Safety

The Pharmacies in Italy are very good. They have trained doctors on site who can help with accidents. In every neighborhood there is a main pharmacy which is open during

Tourist RIP OFF

Rome is one of the most popular tourist cities in the world and unfortunately there are many tourist rip offs. I don’t like to broadcast any negativity